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Medical Assistance

Collaborating closely with local and international insurance companies, assistance organizations, multinational corporations, embassies, and governmental bodies, Hurghada Medical Center is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions tailored to meet the unique medical assistance requirements of these entities.

At Hurghada Medical Center, our medical network comprises more than 1,000 carefully selected healthcare providers. These providers are chosen based on stringent criteria, including the quality of care they offer, their geographical accessibility, competitive pricing, performance excellence, ethical standards, and their flexibility in adapting to evolving needs. By effectively managing this extensive network, Hurghada Medical Center excels in handling each case with precision, applying our distinctive blend of technical expertise, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

Transparency is the cornerstone of Hurghada Medical Center’s approach and forms the bedrock of the value proposition we extend to our valued clients.

Through our transparent business model, clients benefit in the following ways:

Receive honest and impartial feedback about medical providers and recommended medical actions.

Enjoy streamlined and well-coordinated operations, thanks to our open and accountable operational structure.

Pay only for the services that are truly necessary. Unlike other local assistance providers, we do not engage in in-and-out pricing practices. We believe that such practices run counter to the purpose of a local partner. We diligently safeguard your valuable claims funds and generate savings for you, both in assistance arrangements and hospital billing.

Seamlessly integrate with our industry-standard cost containment services.

Cultivate a long-term relationship with your local assistance provider, grounded in trust, sustainability, exemplary performance, and mutual growth.