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Cost Containment at Hurghada Medical Center: Delivering Quality Care with Efficiency

Your Trusted Healthcare Destination In Hurghada

Our cost containment program is designed to empower insurers, assistance companies, and healthcare payers across diverse industries to maximize the value of their annual medical expenditures. Leveraging a range of innovative strategies and nimble approaches, we are committed to driving the cost of top-tier medical treatments to unprecedented lows. Our program derives its strength from our deep-rooted knowledge of the local healthcare landscape in Egypt and a business model unafraid to challenge the conventional limits of what’s ‘ideal.’

The distinctive features of our business model are vividly evident in our cost containment processes. We take pride in our transparency and resolutely distance ourselves from cost-inflating practices such as kickbacks, in-out-pricing, re-pricing, and re-routing, which are frequently employed by other local entities. As an entirely independent organization, we execute our cost containment activities, leveraging our extensive expertise within the Egyptian healthcare arena, to achieve ground-breaking reductions in medical bills in Egypt. In our world, the spirit of ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘efficiency through continual improvement’ synergize to accomplish the ambitious goals set by our clients.


Our Cost Containment Strategies

Exclusive negotiated discounts with hospitals and clinics.

A meticulous examination of all reports for consistency.

Line-by-line reductions, closely aligned with vigilant treatment monitoring.

Rigorous scrutiny of each invoice by our in-house medical experts.

Assurance of a fair and reasonable price-to-performance ratio.

Ongoing assessments of hospital pricing policies, complemented by active dialogues to influence change.

Continuous negotiations with hospitals to ensure reliable billing practices."