A A.s Step One: Confrontation With Reality

And sometimes it puts you in the hospital by causing mental problems such as suicidal ideation. But if it puts you in the hospital, you have a problem–normal people don’t drink themselves into the hospital. Denial is a classic symptom of addiction, especially in the form of justification. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ In other words, “You’d drink too […]

Signs That You or a Loved One May Be Addicted to Alcohol

In this case, moderation serves as a harm reduction strategy that minimizes the negative consequences of drinking. “Moderation” is a term that is often used to suggest that a person with an alcohol or drug problem does not really have to give it up but can “control” it. A program called Moderation Management advocates this […]

Alcoholic Narcissist Alcohol And Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Substance abuse preys on one’s low self-esteem and some may be genetically predisposed. In 2008 the American Psychological Association described studies that showed at least half of an individual’s susceptibility to drug abuse and addiction could be linked to genetic factors. This finding was echoed in a 2021 Rutgers study oxycodone uses, side effects, dosages, […]

Understanding and Implementing an Alcohol Taper Schedule

People who try tapering off alcohol won’t have the guided support of medical professionals that they would at inpatient treatment. In contrast, in-patient care can be more beneficial and less expensive in the long-term. Expect to feel some discomfort, including anxiety, sweating or irritability. If you feel more severe symptoms, such as paranoia, increased pulse, […]

Average Cost of Drug Rehab 2023 : by Type, State & More

Massachusetts, North Carolina, Alabama, and California all the share the same average cost for outpatient drug rehabilitation services. The majority of people with a substance abuse disorder in California are aged 18 to 25 years old. Alabama ranks 38th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment. Alabama is a state with […]